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Let me introduce myself; I'm Natalie and I run Sunny Mind Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition and Massage. 

This isn't just my business, this is my way of life.  For as long as I can remember every path I have taken has led me to Holistic wellbeing and it is something that I adore pursuing in my personal life, stemming from a Great-Aunt who drank flowers from a tea pot when I was a little girl!  By accidental design I have created a business that focuses on health, Happiness and Wellbeing. 

We live in a busy, stressful world, where everything seems to happen a mile a minute and where we so often make ourselves the very last priority.  More likely, we are so busy that we even forget to make ourselves a priority at all.  


The world around us bombards our essence with aggressive energy and the world currently seems to be caught in conflict after conflict - which drowns our vitality and we lose our serenity - resulting in us feeling jagged, raw, deflected and lack-lustre.  Without creating our own peace, we can never help anyone else find theirs. 

I'm not perfect, and to be honest, that is not my quest in fact I want to live life imperfectly me! When I worked in the gym one co-worker told me that no one would take me seriously as a Personal Trainer, because I was Kind.  

He was right and wrong - I was taken seriously, because I was kind and people liked that about me.

I've discovered kindness creates more results than aggression. 


My mission is to have people leave a session or a class feeling valued for who they are.  

I can remember the quote I used in my Yoga exam "Kind acts are like water in a garden - they make a life bloom into glorious colour!" I love this quote, I believe every client and person who joins my class or has a session makes my life glorious because they've taken a chance on me and that is a kindness I can only aim to repay. 

My classes and sessions are for anyone who feels frazzled by the bombardment of conflict and aggression; be that from your own internal world (anxiety, fears, lack of self-worth/esteem) or the external world.   The main theme of Sunny Mind is that you feel kind, gentle energy that replenishes your soul.  


I want you to enter a space of calm, tranquil safety that leaves you feeling cocooned and healed.  

  • A low impact, fun and energetic class



  • 60 minutes of stimulating yoga flow and relaxation meditation



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